Spetses Hotel is a 4 stars hotel located 10 minutes away from the port and centre of the island, Dapia, on a unique place on the coastline of Spetses island. With its elegant aesthetic, its multilateral services and respect to each guest needs, the Spetses offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

The Spetses offers comfortable rooms with views to the Saronic sea, a private beach, lounge area and the significant Restaurant and Bar serving Greek cuisine.

The location of the hotel provides a unique experience to the visitor, as the views from the rooms enable the sea and the air to become part of the living space. Facing either towards the seafront or towards the traditional scenery of the Spetses village, the architecture of the rooms with their grand openings, enable the scenery to become part of the private area, blending the surroundings into your comfort zone.

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  • tel: +30 22980 72602 • info@spetseshotel.gr

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